Daily Dose

This is the first of a “Daily Dose” posts comprising miniature word / photo portraits of moments from each day.

I’ve developed a new habit of celebrating each day with a few notes on the moments to celebrate from each day i.e. my Daily Dose of love, positive energy, wins at work and all other good things that should be celebrated. These daily notes may serve to help me ‘just start’ writing more, activate my reflexive capacity, prompt more public and personal expressions of joy, and enable my own happiness.

For your sake, I hope they’re also worth reading

Today I got my daily dose through:

Testing a new waking time to fit more kilometres into each day. Waking at 4am to share the bare streets and bike banter with fellow cyclists while looping south, east and north of Geraldton for 160km.

Honest, inquiring, collaborative conversations with our bookkeeper and co-tenant in the building. All in the office on a Saturday where we relaxed into important conversations about space and time to focus, apps, charts of accounts, the location of the fridge and procedures for recycling. Such simple conversations can still be transformative and still evoke this love of people I work with, and their/our whole-humanness.

Dinner with friends. Thank God for the Provincial” and also thank God (or at least the teaching and health professions) for populating Geraldton with so many kind souls, decent humans and beautiful ladies.

Talking to Brodie. Stories shared with a hard-working, boundary-pushing social entrepreneur while I stretched my legs and downed a cold fruit smoothie. After a hard week at work and hard morning on the bike, laughing with Brodie at our own and other’s madness in the innovation, tech, creative and non-profit “scenes” in Western Australia was even more soothing than the drink. Precious, precious, precious.

Sharing a love of learning with Fenz. Some rare time with an amazing cycling coach and super-fit human being talking about my training program for the coming 6 months, but spending most of the time sharing our passion for learning. So grateful to have someone that endorses and enables that slight shift in definition of goals from “races I want to win” to “I want to continue to love cycling, keep learning, and see incremental improvements (and winning some races may happen along the way)”.