Daily Dose 2

Today I got my Daily Dose of sanity-saving joy through:

Meditation. Every non-moment of no-time spent losing your habitual monkey mind in the silent spring of Self is miraculous. Soon enough I’ll decide to dive in deep for 3 months or so. For now, a little each day keeps the madness away.

Doing action-learning. A brave bunch of friends are engaging in a regular, structured, open-ended approach to adult development. We’ve created a rare space of slowed-down shared inquiry and mutual support to face our fears, dislodge our stuckness, release our frustrations and perhaps become happier and better human beings. I can’t overstate how important it is that we create more of these sorts of open, inviting yet challenging spaces in our speedy, secular, crowded world.

Being a monkey boy. I’ve been doing a little more cross-fit and other things to prevent the complete loss of upper and core strength last year. Then, yesterday, while talking with my cycling coach it struck me that my house is basically a wooden climbing gym. I already knew that (hence the mats on the floor and gymnastic rings hanging from the ceiling) but I never dared to just climb on the Heritage-listed interior. And here’s the bonus to this new vertical dimension so my training — it always bothered me that there are spiderwebs and dust up there that I can’t reach, and it’s really dangerous even on a ladder. So today I started climbing the walls, and hanging from the rafters with a small brush in one hand to clean as I climbed. So…much…fun, just like People In Motion.

Making time to think and using a well-defined process to get clarity. It’s Sacred Sunday and I don’t usually work. Today my religion-inspired Sunday routine dissolved a bit in the face of an upcoming break, deadlines and on the back of a hectic week. So I just went with it — did my GTD weekly review (missed it this Thursday), prioritised all projects, and made some decisions that may enable myself, others and my organisation to thrive not just survive.