Daily Dose 4 — Buses, Cats and Dr William J Varey

Today I got my Daily Dose of pattern-altering experiences thanks to:

An interesting bus trip. I really love trains. I am not nearly as fond of buses yet I still highly recommend them as a way to travel long-distances, cheaply and without having to drive. I have fond memories of: adventures on Greyhound buses during a West-coast USA trip as a child, the beautifully decorated overnight buses through Iran and Pakistan, the “sleeper” buses from Kunming (SW China) into Luang Prabang (Laos), an epic 3+day bus from Pekanburu (Sumatra) to Kuta (Bali), and the joyous Hallbarhet sustainability-conference-on-a-bus through Sydney to Melbourne. Last night’s 12:50-6:30am bus from Geraldton to Perth wasn’t nearly as memorable, but was still enjoyable thanks to already knowing a quarter of the people on the bus (2 of 8) and the fact I could sleep and minimise travel during working hours. I actually also really appreciate just seeing who all the other people are who catch buses – definitely a different crowd to the airport or those that drive.


Observing a lazy cat. How cool are cats? They do absolutely nothing, yet get treated like little gods. Today, working from home at my parent’s house, I noticed one of their cats literally did not move 1m from her sleeping spot the whole day. I used to assume this cat would do something when no-one was home, but extrapolating from this cat on this day to all cats on all days, one could easily believe that all cats do absolutely nothing. Nothing. Yet I love them. Observing this behaviour and my affection made me think of running a more cat-liked business or having a more cat-like personality — how to move efficiently, somehow stay fit and flexible, and be loved and showered with affection and food for a lifetime despite being short-tempered, self-centred, greedy and lazy.


Being friends with Dr. William J Varey. As far as I can understand, Will’s PhD changes the landscape and fundamental tools across several fields of human knowledge and creates a whole new field (Apithology). Prior to and aside from his PhD Will’s presence on earth has transformed the lives of countless people, and elevated and integrated the practices of already highly-skilled practitioners in several fields (facilitation, natural resource management, urban design, teaching, community development etc.). He’s also a very happy, funny, and almost incomprehensibly generous being. This Tuesday, Will invited me to dinner to celebrate the awarding of his PhD with a few others. Rather than simply have a few beers and celebrate, Will facilitated a “Dedication of Merit” ceremony based on the traditions of his Buddhist lineage. It was the most remarkable dinner ever had involving great food, great people, and a greatly delicate and heart-expanding series of blessings, dedications, songs, openings and closings. Will always leaves me lost for words. The only more I can say is if and when my gratitude to him is adequately expressed, the benefits of his presence on earth should touch a great many more of your lives.