Leaning Tree Community School Winter Festival

Last weekend I enjoyed the the LTCS Winter Festival celebrating the Winter Solstice out at Nukara Farm. Along with the very popular Spring Fair these annual events create the opportunity for families to deepen their relationships with their children, each other and nature.

These relationships are created through the preparations then Saturday and evening running and tumbling around the bushland, sharing soup and apple pie, singing in rounds, carrying handmade lanterns around the tealight spiral, then huddling together in the wind and rain! This shared sense of ceremony and celebration of the passing of seasons is such a simple idea, and such a powerful enabler of learning and community development.

This year it was very wild and wet, and many children couldn’t stay the night s they’d soaked three changes of clothing. Those that did stay on ran around late into the night while their parents rotated drying clothes hanging next to the open fire.

Below and at this link are a few photos from the latter part of the evening…