From 2-4th November Andrew Nolan (from Sydney) facilitated an Empowering Consciousness Workshop in Cottesloe, Western Australia .

Ten people participated. Half had done some of this work before though an Increasing Consciousness Group or other workshops and retreats. The other half were fresh to it, accepted the invitation and dove in.

You can read about the invitation they accepted.

Below are some extracts from the feedback they each generously provided afterwards.

What is the most significant insight or benefit that remains with you now?

So much of what I perceive about the world and my place in it are thought constructions and are distant from the actual experience. Contemplation and meditation can bring me to a better understand of what is real and shed a bit of dwelling on the past and fantasizing about the future.

Andrew (one of three Andrews participating)

True honesty and experiencing another [person] for who they truly are, for them self and not for me is powerful and freeing. As a result, it relieves so much of the inner conflict I’ve held for so long.


I’ve experienced the power of this work and realized how much there is that I’m not presently conscious of. I feel motivated to continue seeking truth, as there seems to be nothing more powerful and important.


The importance of honesty in consciousness work and self acceptance.


The creator of my reality is within.


Becoming even clearer on the consequences of self perspective and how that plays out  and influences every moment of experience of my life.  Being more aware of how I create these perspectives and reactions and how they’re not part of me, who I am .  A shift in the experience and the created relationship to what is occurring now.


What will you say to someone else who asks about your experience of the workshop?

Get an introduction to the Empowering Consciousness process and the power of diads for focusing on drilling down to the the essentials of your experience.


It was the most surreal and out-of-body experience I have ever had. It provided me with insights that not only increased my consciousness but it also liberated me from the concepts that dictate my life. It has opened up a whole new way of living, perceiving and experiencing.


If I had been known any of this sooner, how different my life would have been? I am no longer dealing with the symtoms of being unhappy, now I have the tools to go after the root cause. Once I found that. WHOA! The way I interact [after the workshop] with myself, other people and the world around me has shifted so profoundly. I love deeper. But the better question is, what would a world be like if everyone was conscious of the fundimental truth of their experience be like?


It was mind-blowing. I experienced states of consciousness that I never had before and felt extraordinarily open and free as a result. The results I experienced were far more real and instantaneous than any kind of ‘self-improvement’ I’ve done in the past.


This is one of if not the most powerful things you can do for yourself.


Fantastic, enlightening and honest


Do you recommend any changes to how we described and promoted it?

I think it was promoted well. The workshop exceeded my expectations and was more powerful than what I believed it would be based on the advertised benefits, though reading back on the event description I think the benefits were communicated well. It’s just that reading it is very different to experiencing it.


Put more emphasis on how profound doing this work is.